How to uninstall a cheat engine

Cheat engines are cool to have for any specific game. But they are sometimes difficult to remove if you are not a tech person. Most of them alter the performance of one’s device. In fact, badly built ones might come with virus or worms which make everything worse.

If you are currently having issues in that, be happy. Why? Today, I will write intensively on how to completely uninstall it without any difficulty. You will never have to pay anyone whenever you want to remove such. Even if you have buddies that like to do it on their gadget, you will be able to help them out.

downloadable cheat engine

You should understand that it is technically easy to delete the installation of a cheat engine. You just have to make sure you know the exact directory where you had it.
This might sound a little bit difficult if you didn’t watch what you did on first run.
If you use a windows personal computer, kindly click the search bar, then type the name of the cheat engine.
Once you see it, go through its folder for any file called uninstall. If there is nothing like that, check the next paragraph.

Most times, they don’t normally com with a setup file. So, you won’t be able to remove it based on what I said at the previous paragraph.
You just have to search, and then hit the delete key on your keyboard.

If you intend to remove it completely from a specific game, do this.

  • Open the preferred game you installed it on.
  • Look for any menu named reset.

If you didn’t see anything called that, do this.

  • Locate the player folder of the game: You can find this at the document directory of your device. Copy it to another folder: Highlight the entire folder and copy to any directory you like.
  • Uninstall the main game: Go to control panel – Uninstall all programs. Select the game and remove.
  • Reinstall back: You should follow the normal way you used to install to do that.
  • Run and Play: When you run it, make a player name as the same with the one you copied.
  • Close game and Move Folder: Exit the game, and then go copy the folder to the main player folder.
  • Run the game again and have fun.

If you do all that correctly, the cheat engine you had before will be removed from the game.

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